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We ship internationally too. For example, delivery to the United States starts from just £7.30/$9.99.

Halal Certified Sweets

We also sell a range of certified halal sweets, from popular Haribos to a dedicated halal pick n' mix.

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Checkout today with only £5 in your cart., you'd be surprised how far that can stretch.

100% Gelatine Free.

All of our American sweets are completely gelatine free and that will be forever. 

We are the only American candy store with a complete collection of gelatine free American sweets. HellaSweet is truly changing the game, offering the best and most iconic sweets without any gelatine content. There shouldn’t be any situation where your right to a vast selection of great tasting candy is compromised. We want to ensure that more people are able to enjoy a sweet momentary escape from the world, hence why we offer gelatine free American sweets, halal certified sweets, pick n’ mix, Japanese sweets to even candy gift boxes. All you need to do is browse and add what you like to the cart. We’ll make sure that your sweets arrive safely in your hands. Make your day a lot sweeter with us.