American Sweets & Snacks Not Safe For Vegans & Vegetarians

American Sweets & Snacks Not Safe For Vegans & Vegetarians

Which American Sweets & Snacks contain Gelatine? 

Here at HellaSweet, we like to think of ourselves as experts in gelatine free American candy, so we are more than capable of providing a guide on what American sweets & snacks to avoid. 

What is Gelatine? Where does Gelatine come from? Why is Gelatine in sweets?

We've got the answers to all the above questions. Gelatine or gelatin is formally defined as a 'nearly tasteless substance that is made by prolonged boiling of skin, cartilage, and bones from animals,' (PopSugar). It is primarily used as a gelling agent for jelly, gummy sweets among others. Not pleasant stuff right? So that is why HellaSweet fundamentally vows to never bring any sweets, snacks or anything that contains gelatine.

Unfortunately, some of us have had the occurrence, whereby you have tried that sweet and in that moment, everything appears to be fine. Only for you to come back to your senses and flip the packet over to ultimately find out that the sweet you perhaps enjoyed contained gelatine. This is a frustration among Muslims, vegans and vegetarians alike. It enables us to provide halal friendly and sweets that can adequately cater to these individuals. We have put together a comprehensive list detailing sweets and snacks that you didn't know contained gelatine. Now let's proceed on to the list....

1) Pop Tarts 

The Pop Tarts that you are accustomed to seeing in your grocery store breakfast aisle tend to be one of the most popular and iconic flavours, namely, 'Strawberry Sensation' & 'S'mores.' The gelatine content can be found on the top of the breakfast snack. Next time, you'll need to beware when you spot this snack in your grocery item.


2) Hi-Chews

These sweets have become very popular in recent years, renowned for their exuberant flavour and equally exuberant packaging. Admittedly, from the beginning, Hi-Chews were one of the first sweets we wanted to introduce to the store. However, we did our research and found out that they indeed contained gelatine inside. It is clear that the Japanese brand, which is immensely popular across the pond, goes the extra mile with a reported 103 flavours. We are just hoping that they are willing to go that little extra yard to provide a vegan or vegetarian iteration of their beloved candy.

3) Lucky Charms 

Unluckily, this cereal also contains gelatine, originally created out of an abundance of Cheerios from the General Mills Factory in 1963. The Cheerio remnants are accompanied with colourful marshmallow pieces and that is where you'll find the gelatine content.

4) Airheads Bites

Airheads are generally amongst our best sellers, they are always the first to sell out in regular intervals. So we were disappointed to find out that the bites version had gelatine, which adopts a similar taste to their iconic taffy bars. Fortunately, you are not missing out on the party completely with their introduction of Airheads Bites: Paradise Blends.

5) Welch's Fruit Snacks

On the surface, Welch's Fruit Snacks seems to be a refreshing snack that are similar to traditional gummy candies, ensuring that fruit is their 1st ingredient. However, it is clearly not their only ingredient, as the brand makes use of gelatine to create the gummy-ness of their sweet. On the other hand, you can resort to an alternative, Jujyfruits, whom are just as iconic and even are reminiscent to the Fruit Snacks in terms of appearance. The differences lie in the fact that Jujyfruits are gelatine free and vegan friendly. 



Conclusively, we hope that this post did provide some insight in to the prevalence of gelatine in some of America's favourite sweets and snacks. Although, it means we can't ever introduce these sweets in to the online store, we do boast an extensive range of gelatine free, halal, vegan and vegetarian friendly American snacks and sweets that you can choose from. 

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