The Best Halal Sweets for Eid

If you’re like us, you’re very much looking forward to Ramadan as it is the most special time of the year for Muslims. Ramadan is quickly approaching, set to commence this weekend on the 2nd of April. So, if you’re just curious, you may be wondering what Ramadan exactly means.

Well simply put, Ramadan is the month of fasting from dawn until sunset, while abstaining
from actions, such as smoking, sexual activity, essentially anything considered impure for the mind and body (MuslimHands). Eid marks the end of Ramadan, in which families and friends are gathered to celebrate the holy month after a prayer in the morning with a wholesome feast.

What better way to make Eid even sweeter than exchanging gifts with your loved ones? Halal sweets are the perfect starting point, as they are affordable, and let’s face it, who doesn’t like sweets? If you just want to get some sweets right now, you should browse our collection of halal sweets.

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But before we begin our breakdown of the best halal sweets, we will go over the basics for anyone who isn’t Muslim and perhaps is buying for someone that is.

What are halal sweets?

The term, ‘halal,’ refers to an act or in some cases, food, that is permissible or lawful in Islam (HalalHMC). Therefore, halal sweets are simply sweets that are made using a process with ingredients that are halal (WeHalal). Fundamentally, halal sweets are made with halal beef gelatine, whereas, ‘haram’ sweets are made with ingredients that aren’t halal, such as pork gelatine.

Do halal sweets taste different?

Generally, no. Halal sweets do not taste any different, as they are simply made with halal substitutes but still retain the sweetness, we all expect. But the fact that the sweet is halal makes it all the more sweeter for Muslims.

Best halal sweets to buy for Eid

So, this is the section that you’ve all clicked on this link, we must state that this is a list of our personal favourites, however, we’re sure you’ll love sweets as much as we do.

Halal Haribo Starmix is perfect for Eid.

Halal Haribo Starmix

Where better to start than the leading candy in Haribo’s sweet offering, of course, if you’ve lived in the UK, you’ve seen these on the shelves at pretty much every convenience shop and supermarket around, but there is indeed a halal version you can buy. In this packet, you’ll find all of Haribo’s most iconic sweets inside from a great mix of iconic fruit and cola gummy sweets from the ever-popular Bears, Rings, Fried Eggs, Heart Throbs to Cola Bottles.

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Halal Haribo Phantasia, halal sweets for Eid.

Halal Haribo Phantasia

These are harder to spot in the wild than the iconic Starmix but that doesn’t make them any less sweet. Haribo Phantasia is really the sweet of fantasy as the name suggests. Your taste buds are sure to be tickled with the sweet fruit and cola flavoured gums bedded by a soft texture of the foam. Also, they come in a variety of quirky shapes and colours, making each dig into the packet more fun and never the same.

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Sweetzone Mallow Twists

You can’t go wrong with these Mallow Twists from Sweetzone. Firstly, they are very moreish, despite their huge size, don’t be surprised when you see you’re halfway through the bag in no time. There are certainly enough twists inside to last a binge session of your favourite series or be the perfect sweet treat

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Baklava is a decadent middle-eastern dessert and will definitely slot in nicely with the rest of your Eid spread. You can find a layered pastry that is adorned with chopped nuts and honey/syrup. It is perfect for Eid as you can make enough to be enjoyed by the whole family. Otherwise, you can take a shortcut and just purchase from a bakery store.

Bread Kheer

We know that the preparations for Eid can be extensive and certainly take a lot of time. This dessert is quick and easy, as it really just requires you to grind toasted bread and shimmer it with sugar and ghee. Next, this is topped up with cardamom. So, if you’re looking for a shortcut, then this is the perfect Eid dessert for you and the family.

Halal Haribo Chamallows as the perfect Eid sweet.

Halal Haribo Chamallows

Now we’re back at the Haribos, Chamallows are as you guessed it, these sweets are indeed marshmallows. They’re soft and fluffy with a light, sweet taste, these marshmallows are perfect pillows of deliciousness. Another staple within the Haribo line-up, but of course, these are halal and perfect for Eid, as they can be added to other desserts.

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Halal Pick N Mix bag standing up.

Sweetzone Sweet Tubs

As well to producing the highly popular, Mallow Twists, Sweetzone specialise in halal sweet tubs of various different types of candies. Our personal favourites are the blue raspberry bottles, followed by the strawberry foams. But there is a wide range that you can explore, so you’ll be sure to find your favourites. In fact, we use Sweetzone sweet tubs for our insanely popular Halal Pick N’ Mix, so why not give them a try?

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Halal Haribo Watermelon, A halal sweet for Eid.

Halal Haribo Watermelon

Who doesn’t love watermelon, in sweet form or not? Well one thing you can guarantee is that the Haribo Watermelon are way sweeter. They’re soft, gummy and immensely pretty. Before you know it, they’ll be gone, they’re that good.

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Halal Friendly American Sweets

At HellaSweet, we have a complete range of gelatine free American sweets, so if any of the above picks aren't up your alley, you can choose to browse through our collection. All of our American sweets on our site are halal friendly, meaning you can also add some iconic candy to your gift list. Lucky you.

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