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Which American Candy are halal? A round-up of the best sweets!

A Common Question: ‘Which American candy are halal?

Personally, as a Muslim with a massive sweet tooth, I often find myself wandering aimlessly through the confectionery aisles of Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s or just anywhere I can get my hands on some good ol' candy. Ultimately, I am leaving the aisle wanting and this is because of the sheer lack of candy that is halal or at least catering to that particular audience. This is also a fact that resonates with the realm of American candy. Well in response to that, I have complied a round-up of the best halal friendly American sweets that you should definitely try! 

DISCLAIMER: None of the following sweets mentioned are actually halal certified, they are referred to as 'halal friendly' due to the fact that the sweets are gelatine free. 

Round-up of the best Gelatine Free, Halal Friendly American Candy around!

1. Airheads

It's certainly hard not to go crazy for these delights and there's definitely a lot to like. From their eye-catching exterior, as the branding is embossed by a metallic shine to their unique taffy taste. They come in a wide range of flavours and have enough variation for you to not get bored. Furthermore, they are not too sweet nor too sour, striking a rare balance. 

A picture showing a range of Airheads with Aang,The Last Airbender. A picture of White Mystery Airheads with question marks.

Personal Favourite: White Mystery Airheads - I've always been a sucker for mystery, the fact that I haven't been able to pinpoint a flavour yet for this sweets, adds to this flavour's moreish quality. However, I must say that this is closely followed by blue raspberry and watermelon too. 

2. Swedish Fish 

Perhaps the name lacks creativity, it is one of the most literal names you'll come across, as they were originally developed by a Swedish company, Malacao and are simply shaped as fish. Funny little quirks like this make you even more enamoured with the sweets itself coupled with the fact the fish's is somewhat a mystery too. The best guess I've seen around is Lingonberry, take a bite and then come back here to share what your guess is.

A picture of Swedish Fish, gelatine free and halal friendly.

Personal Favourite: Tropical Swedish Fish - The mystery is cool but in this instance, tropical is just that much cooler. They're reminiscent to the assorted edition of Swedish Fish, as they're also multi coloured to match the flavours you're tasting. 

3. Ring Pops 

You've seen them in sitcoms, you've seen them in movies, maybe you even proposed to someone with a ring pop when you were younger. But one thing for certain is that their taste is undeniable. They're long lasting and fun, what more could you ask for? 

A picture of a Ring Pop engagement.

Personal Favourite: Blue Raspberry Ring Pop I'm a sucker for blue naturally that notion is consistent with Ring Pops

4. American Cotton Candy 

Who doesn't love cotton candy? Well maybe there are a few that don't favour candy floss. These cotton candies are sure to give them a second thought. Charms have their fluffy stuff, including a birthday cake version and Dr Pepper also have their own take on the famous carnival sweet. 

A close up picture of Dr Pepper Cotton Candy open.

Personal Favourite: Dr Pepper Cotton Candy - It's got to be Dr Pepper's Cotton Candy. Imagine the iconic taste of Dr Pepper all infused in soft, fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Well your imagination doesn't do it enough justice, you have to try it for yourself!

5. Sour Patch Kids 

Sour then sweet.Tthat's the exact sensation you'll experience when you chuck one of them Sour Patch Kids in your mouth. The brand has been at the forefront of the American sweet and candy scene for a while and since it's introduction in the 80s, they have embarked on worldwide popularity and fanfare. It is not hard to see why either, the 'kids' themselves are funny, quirky and vibrant mascots for the brand, while Sour Patch Kids often release cool collaborations too with other prominent American snack brands.The whole range is great with sufficient diversity in flavours to experiment with until you find your favourite. 

A picture of Sour Patch Kids Strawberries in a bowl.

Personal Favourite: Sour Patch Kids Strawberry - Admittedly I haven't tried the mango, berries and in fact the complete plethora of Sour Patch Kids. But from the sweets I have tried, Sour Patch Kids Strawberry is my favourite, they come in a bigger pack than the other flavours. Plus they're so good (truly a level above Haribo Strawbs) before you know it, you've gone through the whole bag. 

6. Lemonheads

The GOAT of changemakers in my opinion, they're not like ordinary small boxes of candy, as these ones in particular pack a serious punch. A punch consisting of fruity,vibrant flavour. I am full aware that 'Lemonhead' is an individual American snack but the range extends beyond the OG itself. Over the years, Ferrara Pan Company have since introduced many different flavours to appeal to one's sweet tooth. 

A picture of Chewy Tropical Lemonheads.

Personal Favourite: Chewy Tropical Lemonhead - The flavour combinations are incredibly great and unique, namely Kiwi-Strawberry, Peach-Mango, Cherry Watermelon, Pink Lemonade and Berry-Banana. You can't experience flavour combos like this anywhere else.

7. Twizzlers 

If you ever visit any American candy store, any American sweet site, then it's a certain possibility that you'll find some Twizzlers. They are mainstays because of their sweetness, softness and even friendliness to vegans. Perfect as a movie snack, the perfect companion for a binge session. You can't go wrong with a pack of Twizzlers in hand. 

A picture of Rainbow Twizzlers.

Personal Favourite: Rainbow Twizzlers - The colours. The flavours and the sheer size make this easily my favourite Twizzlers made.

8. Jolly Ranchers 

Jolly Rancher are among the most popular American sweets. It's a shame that most of their candy is not halal friendly. However, there are still some great tasting candy suitable for halal diets. From the largely liked, Jolly Rancher Original Hard Candy, Watermelon Twist among others. 

A picture showcasing three different Jolly Rancher sweets.

Personal Favourites: Jolly Rancher Awesome Twosome Chews - In their words, 'One flavor is lame. We said it. It's just one, ya know?,' so they decided to double down by offering two flavours in one awesome chew. Once again, the flavour combinations, cherry-orange and watermelon-green apple, are great and compliment each other but also provides another zest to balance the sweet.

In conclusion, I hope that this round-up sheds light on some actual viable options in regards to halal friendly American candy. If you are seeking a definitive place for 100% gelatine free, halal friendly American candy, then HellaSweet is the only place to go!


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