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We can definitely attest that these fished shaped American sweets is probably the most delicious fish you have tasted. The 'Swedish' is not there for show or just to add extra flair, they were produced by Malaco in the 1950s for US Market. Since then they have become a mainstay, developing various editions of their American candy. Yet, their fish is still drowned with mystery, till this day, people are unable to figure out the core flavour of the fish-shaped treat. Our best guess is lingonberry, but what do we know? Why don't you browse through our collection of Swedish Fish and let us know your best guess. One thing you don't have to guess is the fact they are 100% gelatine free, vegan friendly and suitable for halal diets.

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Swedish Fish Tropical
  • £2.70
Swedish Fish Assorted
  • £2.70
Swedish Fish (Single)
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Swedish Fish Big Tails
  • £3.70
Swedish Fish
  • £2.70