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As the days have progressed, it's hard to argue with anyone about the delight of Twizzlers. Afterall, who doesn't love a good ol' Twizzler? They're great for any moment, snacking, movie marathons, binge sessions or just a temporary craving for something really sweet. Browse through our collection of Twizzlers with a smile, knowing that everything is gelatine free, vegan friendly while catering to halal diets too. The love for American candy can certainly be twizzled amongst everyone.

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Strawberry Twizzlers
  • £3.40

Sold out

Twizzler Cherry Bites
  • £1.20
Rainbow Twizzlers
  • £4.70
Orange Cream Pop Twizzlers - Limited Edition
  • £4.50
Twizzlers Pull N' Peel Cherry
  • £4.00