As one of most vibrant American Candy Shops in the UK, we bring you the best American sweets and hampers. We have a vast variety of great tasting American candy from the biggest names across the pond. All void of any traces of gelatine, making all our candy offering gelatine free, which means that most of our sweets are either vegan or vegetarian free while being ideal for halal diets. So just sit back and scroll through the store knowing that your candy wishes are only a few clicks away from being granted.


A picture of Lolliboy, the mascot of HellaSweet, a gelatine free American candy and sweet shop.

At HellaSweet, we are of the mindset that sweets make the world go round, particularly American candy. Okay maybe sugary treats aren't that important but we certainly believe that candy can be a form of escapism, a temporary retreat from the daily stresses that may come across your path.

But let's forget about those annoyance for a moment and focus on the introduction of our brand mascot, 'Lolliboy.'  We know the name is quite silly, but that's the point, sometimes you can't take everything in life so serious.