About Us

100% Sweet. 0% Compromise.

We are really passionate about everyone having the opportunity to enjoy great tasting American sweets, regardless of your faith or dietary preference. That's why we ensure that all our American sweets & Japanese candy is completely gelatine free, essentially living up to our mantra of being 100% sweet. 0% compromise.

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Inspiration Behind HellaSweet

Personally, from a young age, I've always been enamoured with sweets, purely due to the instant gratification and sense of escapism it grants you. However, living in the UK, I quickly found out that there is a limited selection of popular and iconic sweets that contained gelatine free, meaning they didn't comply with my halal diet. This is a sentiment that is true for a massive group of people belonging to a particular faith or dietary preference. Introducing HellaSweet, an idea that meant that more people could enjoy a wider variety of sweets.