The most frequently asked questions answered for you. We want to alleviate any of your worries before you purchase the American sweets around.

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Are you all sweets at HellaSweet gelatine free?

All American sweets are gelatine free, however, the halal pick n' mix and halal sweets are not gelatine free.

Are all your sweets halal?

Simply put, no they are not, due to the fact that all our American and Japanese sweets are gelatine free. This means there is no animal fat for the sweets to be classified as halal, which means that we describe our candy as 'halal friendly.' For our sweets to be 'halal friendly,' means that Muslims and sweet customers that belong to dietary preferences can also indulge.

Do you have any vegan or vegetarian sweets?

One of the best things about gelatine free American sweets is that a huge majority of the candy are vegan or vegetarian friendly.

What does 'halal friendly,' mean?

We frequently use the term 'halal friendly,' to describe our American sweets collection. This is because our American candy does not contain any gelatine, meaning they can't be classified strictly as halal but instead, they are suitable for halal diets.

How long does delivery take?

It is dependant on your location, however, for domestic deliveries, we aim to deliver your order within 7 working days but of course, we will aspire to deliver your order as soon as possible. In terms of international delivery, please check our delivery page for information on our rates.

Do you ship internationally?

We do indeed. We are able to ship to most countries around the world through the use of variety of couriers. To find out more, please click here